Wednesday, November 21, 2012

First Hike

The other day Sandi decided to take Rim on his first hike. Hiking is one of our favorite things to do. We take Gypsy to several different trails in the area. When we first took Gypsy, she would take off like a rocket. For a dog that has separation anxiety she has no problem taking off in front of us in hunt mode. At first I was thinking; great, we lost the darn poodle. Sandi came up with a great training method to break her of this behavior. Gypsy would take off, 25-50 yards in front of us and would turn around to make sure she could see us. When she did that, we would hide behind a tree so she couldn't see us and she'd come scampering back searching for us. She now stays fairly close to us during our hikes. The other day was a warm, beautiful autumn day and Sandi decided to introduce Rim to hiking. She took Rim solo for the first time, Gypsy getting a break at home. She took him to an Audubon Society area only a few minutes from the house. They have really nice trails along a few creeks that spill out into a large river. A very scenic hike to say the least. They had a great time. Rim could keep up with the fast motor Sandi has and he never left her side. She even had him off leash for most of the hike. Rim did go up and meet a few bird watchers they ran into along the trail. Maybe over the Thanksgiving weekend we'll take Rim and Gypsy back to this trail for a nice long hike. With views like the one above, why not?
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