Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Puppy Destruction

The Sunday after the Waterfowl, we went out on that beautiful morning for a bike ride. Calm winds, warm sun, and a peaceful ride with friends. The beginning of a great day. That didn't last long. When we got back home, I went out into the backyard through the garage to let the dogs off the deck. We keep them on the deck when it is nice out with a gate up so they can't wander off into the back yard. This was supposed to keep Rim out of trouble. So, I get out into the yard and I see the screen from our sliding door knocked off the tracks, laying across the table. My first thought was that we were broken into or worse yet, someone came and swiped the poodles. As I got closer, this is what I see.

Rim sitting innocently by the scene of the crime. Gypsy taking evidence.

Rim got a hold of some of the rubber spaghetti that holds the screen in place. YUMMY! You can see some of the left overs on the table. He had to give it a big yank to pull the door off the track. So, I had to put the door back together because it was nice out and we wanted to let some fresh air into the house. Not that big of a deal. It's hard to stay mad at Rim. He is definitely different than Gypsy. 
While I fixed the screen, the dogs hung out in the backyard. Here Rim is plotting a way to get the stick away from Gypsy.
After causing chaos and destruction all day, Rim cuddles up with his sock monkey.
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