Friday, November 30, 2012

Rim (again)

Rim making a new friend.

I mentioned before we are going to take Rim to a local kennel from time to time for a few hours. We probably will not do this on a regular basis but just to change things up for Rim every once in awhile. The people that run the place tell us he has a great time with the other dogs running around and meeting each other. In reality, they just about have to say that though don't they? He could be cowering in the corner the entire time and they would probably report that he had a ball!  We do think though that he has a great time and it is a good thing for him to get the socialization.

Rim is quickly becoming Sandi's dog. He follows her every where and is always by her side. When Sandi is in the kitchen, Rim's favorite place is on the floor mat in  front of a warm air vent. I expect in the summer he will be hogging the air conditioning as well.
When we are outside, Rim is always off playing hard with Gypsy but you can see him stop and look for Sandi from time to time. He always has her in is sights. Not to say is isn't a confident little guy. We have not seen him shy away from anything yet. The more we learn about the personality of therapy dogs, the more we think Rim would excel at that job.
Rim is growing fast and his personality is exactly what our breeder Linda at ( said it would be. He has been a great addition to the family. The cats give him a sniff from time to time and they don't turn up their noses anymore. What a plus! Anyway, I'm sure we will have a few puppy drama moments down the road but that is OK. How can you get mad at a face like that?

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