Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wet Saturday In Annapolis

Saturday we woke up to foggy, damp weather. Not a great day for hanging out in the backyard if you are a poodle. So, we decided to take the dogs over to Annapolis and stroll around for a bit. Annapolis is about the most dog friendly town there is. There are always dozens of dogs walking the downtown area on any day of the week. We first stopped for coffee by the city dock and enjoyed the company of a Mastiff. This dogs head was about as big as Rim. Rim was happy to meet this big guy. Both Rim and Gypsy were greeted by a few dozen people and their dogs. A great day of socialization for Rim and Gyp. Last night happened to be the Christmas Parade of boats in Annapolis. You can see the boats in the above picture getting ready. This boat parade is always a big event in Annpolis and some of the boats are very creative.

This boat caught my eye.
 Annapolis is a beautiful town during the holidays. Greens on all the lamp posts and the store fronts are all decked out. Very nice. It was a big day for both Gypsy and Rim. Rim did get a bit excited with all the smells and other dogs on the street but all in all they both did great and had a wonderful time.
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