Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Getting BIG

Here is five month old Rim after visiting with our favorite groomer.

He is getting very big as you can see. I think he has to be getting close to Gypsy in weight. She is such a "bag-o-bones" and he is a load. Not too long ago Gyp would be able to get Rim down on the ground with a body slam. Lately I've been seeing Rim knock her to the ground. (all in fun) He is still a bit shorter than she but getting more leggy everyday. Gypsy is still a quirkey poodle. When I let her out the back door into the yard she still races ahead of Rim, checking every corner of the yard for rabbits or other intruders. When she see's it is all clear, she'll relax. That is until a black bird fly's into our air space. Then she has to run and bark until the bird goes away. Rim has gotten into the habit of racing laps around the backyard with a stick in his mouth. He is getting fast but I doubt he will ever be as fast as Gypsy.

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