Monday, December 31, 2012

On the look out for birds.
I've been off work for a few days over the holiday season. It has been great having more time to hang out with the dogs but it has also been interesting to observe the cats. Cats are interesting creatures to say the least. They each have their own, unique personality and quirks.
"The Sheriff"
We have a little red male named Tang. We rescued this guy from the local humane shelter. Promptly after that, we had to have both his rear legs rebuilt surgically. This guy is always on patrol, keeping an eye on all the activity in the house. We have begun calling him the "Sheriff."
"The Queen Mother"
I've written about Chloe before. She is the lucky cat of the bunch that is allowed outside on the deck during the summer. She is too fat to fit between the railings and she is also a very slow runner. We also rescued Chloe from the local humane shelter. She had a rough life and we were not sure if she would survive. She is now in great health. We've called her "Canned Ham" for a long time. From behind she has the canned ham shape. She walks around the house with an air of dignity unlike the other cats. So, we've begun calling her the "Queen Mother." As the sun moves over the house, Chloe follows the sun spot.
Wrestle Mania
We have two other male cats, Virgil and Moose. Moose is another red guy and Virgil we believe has some Maine Coon in him. These guys are wide open every morning. They run laps and play all morning long. They like to wrestle and generally cause chaos. Moose is quickly acquiring the "canned ham" look. Maybe this summer he can join Chloe on the deck? Virgil is very sweet and is crazy about Sandi. I hope these guys continue to be playful.

I have written about Storms before. She spent the first part of her life in a cat rescue place. She had not been in a house before and when we brought her home, she promptly hid under a bed for days. One night she poked her head around the corner of the steps and came down. She is now turning into a lap cat and allows Sandi to pick her up. I never knew that Stormy had a playful side to her but she can cut up with the best of them.
This "little" girl rounds out the gang. She is 100% Sandi's cat and could care less about me. She is getting a bit plump in the back side and has difficulty giving herself a bath. Sandi sticks her in the tub from time to time and Zoe doesn't mind it one bit. When Sandi leaves the house, Zoe walks around looking for her, meowing the entire time.
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