Friday, December 21, 2012

Jumping Class

 If you've read this blog you probably know that one of Gypsy's favorite things to do is to jump. I built a stand for her a few summers ago and she didn't even have to be taught. She was a natural. I actually think she shows off most of the time when anyone is over. Rim has shown many of the same tendencies towards jumping that Gypsy showed. He will leap out of the back door into the yard. While running laps he will leap over the walk way with ease. So, we thought why not see what he does with the jump.
Let's see what the kid is made of!

We set the stand up and put the bar on a low height. I thought maybe if Rim saw Gypsy leap over the bar, he would get it and just follow her. Gypsy went over the bar with gusto. She held up her end of the training session. Rim did watch with interest.

Wow, Gypsy can get some altitude!

After careful observation and instruction from the "old pro," Rim springs into action. He runs around the stand. We tried a few times and he became a master at avoiding the entire stand by running around it. I get the bright idea of luring him over the bar with treats. Rim is the most food driven dog know to man. He will run through fire to get to a treat. When he saw I had treats, he just barreled through the stand, knocking it over. Rim is a bit of a load and I was thinking he might not be jumping material.

Sandi, however, with some patience and sweet talk, finally got Rim to go over the lowest bar a few times.
You call that jumping?

We'll work with him on this. He might never jump as high as Gypsy given he already is about as heavy as she. Gravity might have a bit more pull on him if you know what I mean. That's OK though. I think he'll have fun with it.

After her jumping class with Rim was over, Gypsy immediately went back to her Civil Aviation duties, making sure big black birds didn't fly into our airspace.

While Gypsy was busy with her patrol, Rim had to take a break.

Hey, don't mention my weight again OK?
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