Sunday, December 16, 2012

St. Mike's Adventure

Yesterday we decided to take the dogs down to St. Michael's for a walk and a bit of shopping. This is a great place to take the dogs for socialization. Plenty of other dogs to meet and friendly people to greet them. Yesterday the streets were full of people Christmas shopping along the main street in the various shops. The town is located right along the water and is always very pretty but this time of year it is especially festive.

 We parked down the road by the water. Something about water views is so relaxing.

We made our way onto the main street and met a few dogs and friendly people. We passed Santa along the way. His elf tried to talk us into getting the dogs picture taken with Santa. We politely declined this offer. We made our way into a pet store. Sandi wanted to get Rim his own Christmas collar. The one he has on now is a hand-me-down from Gypsy. I think Rim could care less but, he got a new collar. I'm sure he will have an extensive collar collection before long.

Here is the Rimster looking out the window with the new collar on.
We left the pet shop, making our way along the crowded streets passing again on the Santa picture.  Both Gypsy and Rim were a bit anxious with all the traffic and chaos. Both of them were pulling a bit. We decided to veer off into one of the residential areas for a break. We were expecting some peace and quiet. Not so... The first thing Gypsy sees is a squirrel. Gypsy immediately gets in the hunt mode, eyes fixed on the squirrel, sniffing the air, and shaking with excitement. This squirrel was parked under a big tree, caring more about hiding a nut than the ferocious poodle that wanted to attack him. I gave Gypsy some slack on the leach and walked over to the tree. The squirrel ran around the back side of the tree and then up the tree to safety. Gypsy the hunter looked around puzzled.
Were did he go?
The squirrel was up the tree, looking down at Gypsy, laughing at her.
The whole time Gypsy was going spastic over a squirrel, Rim sat calmly trying to figure out what the big deal was. While Rim and Gyp are beginning to have some similar traits, I am glad that Rim isn't a hunter like Gypsy. It was a beautiful day, the only shopping we accomplished was the puppy collar. Gypsy however, did tree a fuzzy little rodent so that made the trip to St. Mike's a success.

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