Saturday, December 22, 2012

26 Bells

I wasn't going to bring up the tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook the other day. I think we all feel the same disgust over the act and what more can I say about it? Yesterday while going the the gym, I was stopped at a red light listening to my favorite radio station. They stopped the music precisely at 9:30 for a moment of silence remembering the 26 victims of this senseless act of violence. A bell chimed 26 times for each of the dead. I sat at that red light thinking of the horror that took place in that school. A horn behind me snaps me back, the light had turned green. The station followed up the bells with a beautiful version of the song Angel, by Jack Johnson. "I have an angel, she doesn't wear any wings."  I'm sure all of the 26 have their wings.
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