Saturday, December 29, 2012

Update Time

I thought it would be a good time to give you an update on Rim since he just past the six month old marker. He is everything that Linda at said he was. Calm, easy going, confidant, and he is about as playful as he can be. Actually Linda just had a litter of puppies. Mother being Violet and father Phil. Phil is also the father of Rim so, if you happen to latch onto one of these puppies, Rim would be a cousin I suppose. Check her website out.

The relationship between Rim and Gypsy continues to evolve. I notice they are laying closer together on the floor when they are inside. (on the new rug that Sandi said no dog would ever put a foot on!) Not long ago if Rim tried to lay close to Gypsy she would get up and relocate, grumbling along the way. Right now they are both laying at my feet while I peck away at the keyboard. Rim continues to want to rough house with Gypsy when they are outside. We are trying to control that as best we can. Although at times, Gypsy will be the one to start the wrestling. Rim has also started running laps around the backyard like Gypsy does from time to time. Gypsy is a very light footed, graceful runner while Rim sounds like a buffalo on the loose. We had some friends over on Christmas afternoon and Rim allowed them to come into the yard and was happy to meet them. Very calmly and with good manners. Gypsy, at 7 years old, continues to get super excited and out of control when they came into the yard. She calms down but is always trying to get visitors to pet her. Can get a bit annoying.
ANNOYING??? Who can resist such beauty?

We decided to go ahead and have Rim neutered. We think that if you have no intent on breeding, the dog is much happier if fixed. That's what we think, too bad we cant ask the dog if that is true. Anyway, we took Rim in on the morning of the 26th.
What kind of Christmas present is this???
Our Vet also happens to be a neighbor so we knew he was in good hands. I think the worst part of the procedure for Rim was not eating the night before or the morning of the clipping. We picked Rim up that afternoon. He cam stumbling out from the back room at the Vet's, a bit groggy from the medications. The assistant said he weighed in at 39 pounds! Gypsy is 42 soaking wet.
I like to keep slim!

We brought him home and he crashed hard for a few hours. It is now a few days later and he is back to his old self, nicely recovered.

While he has had his puppy issues (tearing the screen off the back door for a snack) he has been about as good as a puppy can be. He is totally Sandi's dog, following her around the house like a shadow. When she talks to him, he turns his head from side to side trying to understand what she wants. I think Rim is quickly becoming Sandi's dog of a lifetime.
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