Sunday, November 25, 2012


Thanksgiving came and it was a beautiful day. Warm for this time of year and perfect for sitting around outside, eating oysters. I think we both have had our oyster fix for awhile. They were fantastic though. Besides eating oysters, another thanksgiving tradition is the changing of the dog collars. At least it has been a tradition with Gypsy and now too with Rim. We change Gypsy's collar with the seasons. She has more collars than I have shoes,

Hey, a girl has to look good!
And thanksgiving is the day we switch Gypsy over to a Christmas collar. She had a spare candy cane collar that she donated to Rim.

I tried to get a picture of them both sitting still in the Christmas collars but that was next to impossible.

I did get one of Rim, sporting a fancy little candy cane collar, ready for the holidays.

Here is Rim out in the yard, in search of anything he can find to eat. Pine cones, sticks, stones, you name it.

Gypsy spent a good part of the day up on the deck relaxing but she always had us in sight.

We were lucky as the weather turned cold and windy the day after Thanksgiving. I'm glad we got one more, "poodle day" in before the cold weather hit. I'm sure the dogs were glad too.
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