Sunday, November 25, 2012

Walking with Two

One of the best things in the world for Gypsy is to go for a walk.  It has been that way since she was a pup. She is always on alert during her walks, searching for a rabbit or a squirrel, high stepping the entire way. We meet many neighbors while we are out and they all recognize me as the "poodle guy." I was getting a colonoscopy and the nurse that was helping out came in and said, "hey, you're the poodle guy right?" That was a bit awkward. Since Rim came on board, Sandi has been walking him on his own for the most part. We think it is a good thing that we each have some alone time with each of them from time to time. On mornings that I'm off, we sometimes will walk them together. From the beginning, Rim has done great on a leash. He walks right by her side, never pulling. The other day Sandi was at the gym, as usual, so I decided to take them both on a walk together. I figured it wouldn't be that big of a deal. And it wasn't.

I just grabbed both leashes and off we went, walking the neighborhood.

Here is an action shot, Rim on the inside and Gypsy on the flank.
While we are on our walks, I hear all sorts of dogs barking from inside houses as we walk by. Dogs that I never see out walking or getting any kind of exercise. I think most people think that having a fenced in back yard and sticking the dog out there gives the dog exercise. I guess that is better than not doing anything at all but I don't think it replaces a good walk. The dog gets to see different things, smell different smells, and maybe meet another dog or two along the way.  Plus, it tires them out and a tired dog is a good dog.
I'm bushed!

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