Thursday, November 22, 2012


It's Thanksgiving and that means oysters for me and Sandi. We started doing this several years ago. We decided to hold off on preparing a big meal for Christmas and relax as much as possible on Thanksgiving. Especially since it is usually nice out and we can also have poodle time in the backyard. We usually purchase an extraordinary amount of oysters locally and roast them on a wood fire. This time around though we hit the jack pot. Sandi has befriended a few local fisherman. These guys crab all summer and get into the oysters this time of year. The older guy thinks it the best thing in the world to shuck oysters for Sandi. She knocks them down as fast as he can shuck them. We were at a party and he was sitting there, shucking away, laughing the entire time. These were the first true waterman we have gotten to know and they are the salt of the earth, nice people. Needless to say, our waterman friends delivered a pile of oysters yesterday that were in the water that afternoon. They are big, salty, oysters from a local river. We had to give a few of them a test run last night just to make sure they were good. I think this year, we'll offer an oyster to both Rim and Gypsy Gal. I have no doubt that Rim will devour the oyster in a flash but Gypsy might hold off until I put a little bacon on top.
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