Sunday, November 18, 2012

NOBELLS Innocent?

You might remember us telling the story of NOBELLS the cat across the street we accused of having midnight ambushes on the birds at our feeders. We'd find the leftover feathers in the backyard but never actually caught NOBELLS in the act, we just figured he was the culprit. I guess we should have given him the rights we all have in this great country, innocent until proven guilty. If we had to take NOBELLS to trial I don't think we could prove beyond reasonable doubt he was guilty.

Yesterday we had some new evidence come our way thanks to Gypsy. We were in the backyard, as usual, and the ever vigilant Gypsy was birdin. Keeping all the big birds away from the yard. One bird was circling the yard getting lower and lower and Sandi identified it as a hawk. This hawk was swooping over our backyard, probably looking for birds around the feeders. This on top of the fact that we recently learned that NOBELLS was on the short end of a fight not too long ago and he was going to have to stay inside while he recovered. In the last week or so we (Rim) found a few birds that met an untimely death so, maybe it was the hawk and not NOBELLS? Plus have some neighbors a street away from us that have seen hawks snatching birds from there feeders in the past.

So, with this new turn of events, I suppose I owe NOBELLS an apology. Perhaps he wasn't the one taking out the birds all along, maybe it was the hawk. I'll just let Gypsy continue to keep an eye to the sky and maybe she can keep the hawk away.
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