Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bike Club Poodles

Biking is a big part of my wife's life. She is very involved with a Bike Club here locally and they have participated in many rides. I tag along and ride frequently but this summer I was out of action due to an injury. I'm back on the bike now and trying to keep up with the club. Most of the organized rides are for a very good cause and raise a good amount of money. I took Rim and Gypsy to see the club off at a recent ride.

Here is Rim with a few of the bike club members. With all the the activity going on, there were a hundreds of riders preparing for the ride, he was calm and just took in all the sights. He was very happy to meet everyone.

Gypsy took in the sights from the car. She isn't as quite relaxed in these situations. Many people came up to here and said hello while she was int he car though. They both had a great time and I'm sure we will have them both along with us at many more rides for years to come.
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