Thursday, September 20, 2012


I've talked about how introducing Rim to the family has been a big adjustment for Gypsy but it has also been an adjustment for the cats. A big adjustment. Gypsy has been around for a long time and she knows that she should not mess around with the cats. From time to time Gypsy will try to catch a sniff of one as they walk by.
Yuck, why did I sniff that thing?
The cats are very comfortable with Gypsy. We are starting to get there with Rim too. He sees the cats and tries to hop up to them wanting to play. Sandi usually intercepts him before he can plop down on one of them. I think he has been smaked in the nose a few times by one of the female cats but that has not stopped him from trying to investigate.
Moose is a young, red, male cat that is a total hoot. In the morning he and his side kick run laps around the house until they are huffing and puffing. Moose actually pants he has played so hard. Morning play time was put on hold once Rim entered the scene. The cats kind of backed off for a bit, trying to figure out what was up with the new dog. This morning though, Moose was out, running laps, and raising hell like usual. This is a good sign I think right? Nothing like the pitter patter of cat feet on the hard wood floors in the morning.

Moose is so exhausted from playing tag he has to stop between steps to rest.
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