Wednesday, September 19, 2012


We have had a run of HOT weather. I think the entire east coast has been hot and humid. So, being a very resourceful couple, Sandi and I will break out the old box fan in hot weather. I don't really think it does that much good to tell you the truth. It just blows hot air on your feet. It beats sitting around inside the house though. Anyway, Gypsy is not a big fan of the hot weather. She moves a bit slower and searches out a shade spot in the yard. We usually have decent shade in the yard now as our trees are growing at an alarming rate. Still, even in the shade it is hot. Rim, being a young pup, didn't mind playing in the hot weather one bit. For a short time anyway and then he too had to seek some relief. I think he is a pretty smart puppy. He consistently parks himself right in front of the fan.

Ah yes, this feels good!
As you can see, Gypsy is on the wrong side of the fan. Anything to avoid the little pest. A break in the weather is coming and it is going to be great weather for the rest of the week. We can put the silly box fan away and enjoy some quality poodle time in the backyard. Gypsy is going in for grooming tomorrow morning and I will take Rim too. We need to get him used to the sounds and sights of the groomer.

Hot weather makes me sleepy.
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