Saturday, September 29, 2012

Puppy Update

I thought I'd give everyone a quick update on how Rim is doing. We've had him for a bit over 4 weeks now and the time has flown by.

Number one on my list is he is doing great in the crate. No problems at all. He goes right in and sleeps all night long. All the credit in the world has to go to Linda at for this one. She introduced Rim to the crate prior to him coming home with us. How is that for service?

Nothing seems to bother this little rascal. Sandi has been taking him everywhere. To the store, out to lunch, in the gym, bike rides, and he is willing to meet everyone and does not shy away from anything. He is exactly what we were looking for to potentially get into visitations with Rim.

He is a very quick study. When Sandi talks to him he turns his little head from side to side really focused on her. He usually will come on command and knows his name. Again, Linda started calling him by name before he came home with us.

He has learned not to mess around with the cats. That's a big one.

Rim and Gypsy are becoming very good friends. At first we had our doubts. Gypsy didn't want anything to do with Rim for a day or so. Now they are in the backyard goofing off or resting on the deck together all the time. I truly believe Gypsy is way better off with a little playmate.

I said "little playmate?" He isn't going to be little for too long. He is growing at an alarming rate and is three times the eater Gypsy is. He will be a big one I think.

There paws were touching the other day while they were taking a power nap. I can hardly tell them apart.
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