Friday, September 14, 2012

Puppy Time

The biggest factor in us getting another Poodle was our desire to get involved with volunteer work down the road. Maybe visiting old folks or reading time with kids? Who knows. Gypsy can be a bit high strung for these activities and so we (Sandi) searched for months for a breeder that could help us and one that we were comfortable with. Again she came across and struck up a conversation. They did not have any puppies at that time but she knew of an associate in Oklahoma that just had puppies and the parents were wonderful dogs. Anyway, that is how we came to get Rim. We didn't really care about the color or looks as long as he had the right personality. All I can say is Linda really knows her Poodles. Rim is about as rock solid puppy as I have ever seen. Nothing seems to bother him or upset him. I will not bore you with all the training progress we are making. Lets just say that he is a great puppy and shows all the signs of being a great dog. Sandi took him into the gym the other day and Rim calmly met everyone without jumping or carrying on. Gypsy would have been besides herself with excitement. Not to say Rim doesn't have puppy moments.
The biggest progress is that Gypsy is really getting into having Rim around. Here they are playing in the back yard. I will try to refine my video technique. They carry on like this for hours on end and then come up on the deck and crash.

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