Thursday, September 27, 2012

Changes in Gypsy

I think we are beginning to see some changes in Gypsy since the arrival of puppy Rim. For one thing, Gyp is eating much better. She has always been a grazer, eating a bite or two of food at one time. I've tried every solution published and nothing worked long term. Rim on the other hand is a little chow hound. Since his arrival, Gypsy has been eating really much better. Gypsy's number one job in the world has always been knowing where we are at any given moment in time. She hates to be away from us and hates to be alone in the yard. She stands at the door peering inside when she is out. Since the arrival of Rim, she will go out into the yard and play with him. You've seen some of the pictures and a video but they really are playing nice together. Gypsy will get a bit rough from time to time but Rim comes back for more.

They''ve been playing with this stick. Gypsy will pick it up and walk in front of Rim trying to get him to latch onto the other end. When he does, it's go time. Rim is growing at an alarming rate and isn't shy when it comes to some rough and tumble play time.

Dino continues to be a favorite. Gypsy will walk around Rim, holding Dino by the feet daring him to try to get it. I've never seen Gypsy play so much in her life. Especially with another dog. Standards are natural comedians I think. They like to entertain us and make us laugh. These two are doing a pretty good job of that for sure.

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