Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shout Out To Germany

 Technology is really amazing. This entire Blog thing is new to me and I never thought I'd be doing anything like this in a million years. A neat thing you can do is check into the number of pages views and where they are coming from. I have people from all over the world looking at what is going on with Gypsy and Rim. The Blog is being checked out on a pretty regular basis from Germany which is cool since the Poodle originated in Germany. Poodle comes from the German word Pudelhund. Pudel (cognate with the English word "puddle"), They were the original water dog used for hunting and tracking. Most people think of the poodle as being a sissy dog and that is far from the truth. I think Gypsy is the most athletic dog I have ever seen. Strange thing is, Gypsy does not like the water one bit. She will get her feet wet and that is about it. She won't even get into the baby pool. Rim on the other hand, will go right in the water. So I want to say "thank you" to the folks from Germany for checking into the Blog from time to time and thanks for the Standard Poodle breed.

I'm a water dog and the sprinkler ROCKS!
 Dankesch√∂n Germany!
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