Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More Moose

OK, I know that you are thinking this is supposed to be a blog about my quirky poodle Gypsy. I have hardly mentioned her recently with the addition of Rim. And here I am now blogging about a cat again. Not sure what has gotten into me. Anyway, Moose is very blog worthy. Many people classify themselves as being either "cat" or "dog" people. Not sure why that is but I am definitely a dog AND cat person. The first cat I can remember in my childhood was a kitten my big sister brought home one day. This kitten promptly climbed a pine tree out in front of the house and would not come down. We tried the food at the bottom of the tree trick and the kitten didn't want any part of that. After a few days I scaled the tree, all the way to the top, and saved the kitten. When my girls were young we had a cat named Brewster. Brewster was an inside/outside cat. In his younger years he was quite the hunter and rid the neighborhood of every little rodent known to man. He lived well into his 20"s and lost most of his teeth in the later years. Sandi called him Snaggle tooth.  He was a special cat. Then, we had FURFACE and Cleo that I wrote about earlier. FURFACE was Sandi's cat when we met. He and I had a love hate relationship. He never let me forget he was the main man in Sandi's life. We lost Cleo way to early. She just faded away after FURFACE passed away. We have been lucky to have such great cats along with the dogs.

Moose is a great cat with a different personality. He follows us around the house curious as to what we are doing. When I'm in the office, he is usually in the chair behind me, watching what I am doing.
When I go into the bedroom, Moose runs in, leaps up onto the bed and rolls over trying to get me to scratch his belly. Who says that cats aren't tuned into their owners? The cats have a calming presence in the house that I like. Gypsy likes the cats too and Rim is learning about them everyday.
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