Wednesday, September 5, 2012

RIM is Home

The last few days has been a bit of a whirlwind for us. We drove to Ohio and saw my sister, her family, and a few old friends. A very good time. We also met with Linda and took possession of Rim. They drove him in from St Louis because she is not comfortable putting puppies into a cargo hold of a 747. It was great to meet her and her husband. We could really tell they have a connection with their dogs and puppies. Rim is adorable. Saturday after we picked him up, we went back to my sisters house and played in the backyard with Rim, kids, Gypsy, and other puppies. Rim was not intimidated by anything. He didn't back away from any of the chaotic activity. Gypsy wasn't sure about Rim. She was playing pretty rough with him but he kept coming back for more.  We got an early start home on Sunday morning. It is a 7 hour drive and who knows what will happen with a puppy riding in the back seat. Gypsy has always been a great passenger in the car. It is one her favorite things to do. Linda said she would take Rim with her on errands and things so he would get used to the car and sure enough, he did great.

Riding makes us sleepy!!!

When are we gonna get there???
We didn't have one issue during the ride home. What a bonus that was. So, Rim is home and we are all trying to adjust with having a puppy in the house. Rim is very different from Gypsy. He is all boy and a ball of energy. He does have an off button and will chill out too. He is very confidant and follows Sandi around like a shadow. We are taking him every where. I think half our little town has met him already. Gypsy, at first, did not want a thing to do with him. This was very concerning to me. She didn't want to be in the same vicinity as Rim. He or course would do his best to be by her side. We had a few wrestling matches and Rim was body slammed a few times. Today they have been playing in the backyard and getting along fine. They even came up on the deck to nap together.
So things are looking good with the new addition so far. I am keeping a close eye on Gypsy with the rough housing. I think she is going to adapt just fine.
Gypsy was so excited to meet Rim, she breaks out into a spontaneous ZUMBA routine!

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